The Yinz Skate skate Shop is your one stop skate shop for all of your skate and skate gear requirements.

We work with every skater at every ability and skill level to provide them with the right skate for their skating and budget requirements.

We have skates for all ages and skate abilities. We specialize in Derby skates and Custom skates.

We are an authorized distributor for

  • Antik Boots
  • Atom
  • Bont
  • Crazy Skates
  • Snyder
  • EDEA
  • Lugino
  • Moxi Skates
  • Riedell
  • Roller Bones Wheels and Bearings
  • Roll-Line
  • Roller Derby
  • SEBA Skates
  • Sure Grip
  • Qube Bearings

We also stock Protective gear.

  • SISU mouthguards
  • S One helmets
  • 187 pads
  • Triple 8 pads

Our hours of operation are

Featured image

We are located in the Neville Roller Drome

5109 Neville Road

Pittsburgh PA 15225

Phone: 412-264-9856

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13 responses »

  1. Tammy says:

    Hello, I’m just looking for some semi percision or percision skates. How much?


  2. Jennifer says:

    Do you have appointments on Tuesday evenings?


  3. Tracy says:

    Hello, i wanted a little bit if information about purchasing a basic starter set if roller skates for my 8 yo daughter. The will be used strictly for occassional play at the rink so i dont want to invest a lot. Can you give me an idea how much starting point is and does she needed to be fitted for them or do we just go by shoe size?


    • skatenrd says:

      Hi Tracy,
      Depending on her size the starting price range is anywhere between $45 and $75. Initially, we can go by shoe size if you are looking for a Christmas gift. If they are not the right size I can exchange them as long as she does not scuff or mar them. We can talk directly if that is better. My mobile phone is 412-335-2695.



  4. Gillian says:

    I am interested in joining you jr league I would like to know how much my derby skates would cost.


  5. Elaine Plumbo says:

    Hello Cousin….I need to come down and try some skates on so I can buy a new pair and start working on getting back to my old days. Yeah not really but would love to try again.


  6. Hello. I am seeing if you could customize names on skates if they are purchased there at the shop .


    • skatenrd says:

      Hi Talena,
      It depends on the boot type and manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer custom naming ability when the boot is ordered. Please call us at 412-335-2695 so that we can discuss your requirements.

      Kind regards,


  7. Hello. I am seeing if you could customize names on skates if they are purchased there at the shop . Also would like to know prices for skates for 9yr old . 12yrold n 3yrold


  8. skatenrd says:

    Hi Talena,
    If you go to our online pro shop you can see the types of skates and the prices for your kids. You can order them and they will ship directly to your house.

    If there are any fitting issues we will work with you here at the shop to exchange/correct the issues.

    Our online shop is

    Kind regards,


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