Bont FXX Microbearing Wheels



The Hottest Wheels Of 2014.

FXX or Formula XX is our top of the line Made in the USA wheel. The formula for this wheel dates back to the good ol’ days of Hyper wheels. Those who were around in the day will notice that the smell of the wheels brings back the memories of the wheels of old. We have taken those old Hyper formulas, updated them, and applied them to the best urethane that money can buy.

No expense has been spared on our wheels fully aluminium hub. The hubs are extruded and machined from 6061 T6 aluminum. The hub is designed to fit Bont’s 167 or 688 micro bearings which in combination form the lightest full size wheel on the market. This combination gives you a weight saving of more than 20% over a normal wheel and bearing. This is very noticeable weight advantage for your quad setup. The wheel weighs just 85 grams and the bearing weighs 4 grams. As the hub is designed to fit the micro bearings, no adapter is needed.


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