Crazy Venus Plates

Crazy Venus plates come in a variety of colors

Crazy Venus plates come in a variety of colors

Created in collaboration with David Ripp, the designer and US distributor of Roll Line plates,  Crazy Venus plates are lightweight hollow CNC machined aircraft aluminum plates with 20 degree kingpin angles and steel custom kingpins. They feature forged aluminum trucks with 8mm axles and a sturdy molded steel pivot pin, and come with a unique bushing design pioneered by David Ripp that encapsulates the kingpin completely for a smooth ride at any adjustment.  The plates include three sets of conical and round urethane suspensions (bushings) in soft, medium and firm and CNC aluminum machined bushing retainers.  Features adjustable Crazy rubber toestops with a locking allen nut, and comes complete with nylon power wedges and mounting hardware.  The sizes are total length of the plate and axle width in millimeters – but all the thread pitches and components are SAE (imperial) and are cross-compatible with standard stops, many double-action bushings, and most standard axle nuts.

These qualify for our CRAZY SHIPPING SPECIAL!  If you are ordering only Crazy Products and shipping to an Australian address, your order will ship for $20 or less!  We’ll adjust the shipping when your order comes in.  Special not valid for orders that include non-Crazy products, unfortunately.

Plate size (length) mm 226 239 252 265 278 281
Plate size in inches 8.89″ 9.4″ 9.92″ 10.43 10.94 11.06
Axle Spread mm 133.3 146.9 159.4 172 185.2 198.4
Axle Spread inches 5.25 5.78 6.28 6.77 7.29 7.81
Fits Skate Size (factory recommendation) 36- 38 39-40 41-42 43-44 45-47 46-47
Estimated US Skate size equivalent 4 – 6 7 – 7.5 8 – 8.5 9 – 10 11 – 12 12 – 13

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