Attention Derby Skaters!

Are you looking for new gear? Waiting on the new boots, wheels and plates to become available?

Your wait is almost over.RollerCon Las Vegas 2015 takes place July 22nd-26 .

A lot of new products are shown at RollerCon. Most of our favorite manufacturers will be unveiling their latest derby gear at RollerCon.

We are anxiously awaiting the new Crazy DBX4 Pro, DBX6 Pro and the DBX 8 Carbon boots. These could be a game changer.

After the show we will be working with Crazy to obtain these new boots. Here is a sneak peak at the DBX4 Pro boot.

Vegan DBX4 Pro

The New Vegan Derby DBX4 Pro Boot.

Yinz Skate is also working Roll-Line to bring in their new Killer plate for roller derby.  Roll-Line produces world class top quality skate products.

Roll-Line Killer Plate

The Roll-Line Killer Plate for Roller Derby

Exciting product updates are in the works here at Yinz Skate!


About skatenrd

One of the Owner/Operators of the Neville Roller Drome and the Yinz Skate Pro Shop.

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