Attention Derby Skaters,

Sure Grip has introduced the new Titan wheel for roller derby. Yinz skate will have several tester sets of these wheels size 62mm in the 92a, 95a and 98a hardness.

Here at Yinz Skate we like our customers to test drive the product BEFORE you buy it.

Enjoy the picture and the copy from our good friends at Sure Grip

Titan Wheel by Sure Grip

Newly Formulated Titan Wheels by Sure Grip

Introducing the all new TITAN wheel by Sure-Grip.  We’ve created a new urethane formula that gives skaters ultimate control on the track.  A lighter hub than it’s predecessor, the new TITAN hub is firm with slight flex when needed.  You will feel the lightness of the NEW TITAN wheel.  Available in 4 durameters for every surface and 59mm/62mm sizing.
NEW TITAN will is now available.

MSRP: $42.50 4 Pack

Available in 89a, 92a, 95a and 98a

Size: 59mm and 62mm


About skatenrd

One of the Owner/Operators of the Neville Roller Drome and the Yinz Skate Pro Shop.

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