Choosing the Right Wheel for Your Skating Needs

Whether you are new to rollerskating or you have been skating all of your life having the right wheel for the surface that you are skating on is crucial.

Below are several links where you can read about wheel characteristics and hardness. this is not a comprehensive list but it is a good place to start our wheel journey.

Note: We will add wheels and prices as our skaters requirements grow.


Take a look at skates emporium for Top 10 tips for Buying Skate Wheels for a primer on wheel hardness

Another good source is Devaskation’s How to choose skate Wheels.

Popular Wheels with Our Skaters

YinzSkate stocks several wheels that are popular with the skaters in our region. If we do not have the wheels that you want in stock we can order them for you.

Wheels That We Stock

Sure Grip Zombie Wheels

The skater preferred  Zombie wheel is the mid wheel width in all four hardness’s.

Basic information

Zombie 62mm Max – 42mm full width wheel design for maximum grip and stability.

Zombie 62mm Mid – Slimmer 38mm width for increased lateral response.

Zombie 59mm Low – Smaller 59mm outer diameter and slimmer 38mm width wheels provide instant acceleration and increased lateral response.

Sure Grip recommends using bearing spacers and wheel spacers with this product.

Due to production limitations certain product characteristics might vary slightly.
Purple – 89a
Black – 92a
Red – 95a
Green – 98a

Sold in 4 Packs

MSRP: $49.95 per 4 pack

For more information about this wheel please refer to the Sure Grip Zombie Product Page


Radar Presto 59 Wheels


Basic wheel Information

  • COLOR:Blue, Green, Purple, Red-Orange, Turquoise, Yellow
  • WHEEL CATEGORY:Indoor Performance
  • WHEEL HARDNESS:88A, 91A, 93A, 95A, 97A, 99A
  • WHEEL HUB TYPE:Tiger 2 Piece
  • WHEEL SIZE:38 mm x 59 mm

PRICE RANGE:$40 – $69 per 4 pack

For more information about this wheel please refer to the Radar Presto 59 Wheel Page


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  1. Caila Stacy says:

    I was just wondering how much it would be to purchase wheels?


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